CIB Welfare

Apekama Credit Cards

CIB “APEKAMA” Card is a Credit card which has introduced by CIB Shopping Centre, the leader of the Sri Lankan fashions, to offer a greater opportunity for its valued Government Service customer’s.

An Application could be obtained from any branch of the CIB SHOPPIN CENTRES.

It should be filled correctly and handover to the counter and your “APEKAMA” card will be sent to you by post. You can get it on Free of Charge.



  • Maximum Credit Limit Rs. 20,000/-
  • Minimum Credit Limit Rs. 6,000/-



  • You can used CIB automated operating system for your transaction.
  • There are no any delay to your shopping.
  • You can use it as like “Discount Card”.


  • “APEKAMA” card can be used only at island wide CIB outlets.
  • This “APEKAMA” card will be issued only for completed applications and incomplete information will lead to delays in processing the card.
  • You have to produce the card to the cashier for Payments and you won’t be able to do so without producing the card the cashier.
  • Lost or misplacement of this card should be informed immediately to our computer department. Tel:0772655220.
  • This card is a property of CIB Shopping Centre and it can be cancelled, rejected for withdrawn at any time without any prior notice to the card holder.
  • For ever & each Rs100/- that you purchase you can earn one point after that you can redeem this points to settle your bill.
  • The above terms and regulations can be changed or new conditions could be added after informing to the card holder